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About Ecority

If I’ve already registered interest in another application, may I still register my interest in Ecority? 

Yes—while you can sign up for multiple applications, signing up with Ecority assures your registered interest in BOTH the Clean Communities Investment Accelerator (CCIA) and National Clean Investment Fund (NCIF) programs ($20b in combined available grants). This is significant due to Ecority’s program to leverage CCIA participation via integration with the NCIF program. Register with Ecority and your credit union won’t miss any opportunity to fully participate.

Ecority is supported by the most respected institutions in the credit union sector—NAFCU, CUNA, numerous State Credit Union Leagues, as well credit unions and CDFIs across the nation and contractor, trade, manufacturers and community organizations leading the green lending transformation. 

Priority will be given to applications in the order they have been received. While interest in joining Ecority’s application has been intense, there’s still time. But don’t wait. We estimate that less than 25% of community lenders will receive grants. And while your credit union cannot apply directly, you can access funding by joining Ecority’s application.

To participate, simply fill out the form below. Then use the provided template to submit a letter of interest. 

Ecority expects to be a GGRF award grantee. Credit Unions participating in the Ecority application then become subrecipients for capital of up to $10MM in the CCIA and millions of dollars more in the NCIF to provide loan-guarantee-backed affordable green lending to its members.

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    Please submit a letter for Ecority’s Application to the Clean Communities Investment Accelerator.  Thank you for writing a Letter of Interest in our application. Your letter strengthens our application to secure grants on behalf of credit unions and CDFIs. We have created a template for the letter. Simply add your information in the indicated areas and when complete, email to

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    What do you need to do to become eligible for an Ecority Grant?

    Step 1: Submit your information indicating your interest. Then look for an email from Ecority providing additional information and instructions. Your expression of interest is non-binding—it simply indicates your interest and will help to strengthen Ecority’s application to secure grant funding by demonstrating the commitment of credit unions to the success of the GGRF. Credit unions joining Ecority’s application by September 15 will be prioritized for funding.

    Does signing up with Ecority obligate my credit union in any way?

    No, signing up does not create any obligation. It simply indicates your interest in participating and reserves your spot to receive substantial funding from the GGRF through the Ecority program.

    Can I choose to work with another organization applying for funds?

    You can work with any grantee. With our partnership with NAFCU, our credit union-informed program design integrates all aspects of the credit union system with the NCIF. It will offer outreach and coordination with the ecosystem of manufacturers, utilities, contractors, installers, and other applicants. Ecority is confident of our ability to optimize the participation of your credit union to the benefit of the greatest number of your members.  Without your participation, many thousands of credit union members, especially energy-burdened lower-income households, may miss the opportunity to participate in this important program to reduce energy costs and provide other benefits through low-cost green lending.

    Who is Ecority?

    With the support and guidance of NAFCU, Ecority was formed expressly as an optimal and eligible nonprofit applicant for the GGRF on behalf of the national credit union system. For participating credit unions, Ecority will facilitate access to EPA grant funding and the ability to utilize these funds for the benefit of their members and the communities they live in and achieve the goals of the GGRF in a way that reaches the most people and does the most good.

    What happens after I sign up?

    EPA will announce award recipients in the spring of 2024, and Ecority expects implementation by next summer.  Your credit union should be able to apply for grant funding by Q2 of next year and be able to provide affordable green loans to members under this program in the summer of 2024.

    Why this matters to you:

    Credit unions are uniquely qualified to help achieve the objectives of the GGRF in a way that delivers the greatest benefits for the most Americans, including your members.  Each GGRF program is focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and emphasizes serving people in low-income communities.  Ecority’s plan will provide substantial funding and technical assistance to your credit union for providing your members loan guaranty-backed affordable financing for:

    • Electric vehicles and EV infrastructure

    • Home or business energy improvements

    • Net-zero building construction (family, manufactured, and multi-family homes, and commercial buildings)

    • Solar energy (panels and battery backups)

    • Other technologies deemed to reduce GHG and other pollutants

    Grant awards under these programs are large. Under the CCIA, awards can be as high as $10 million per credit union.

    Credit unions have earned their place at the table. Our sector represents the most accountable way to put this unprecedented public investment in green lending to work in our local communities.  Together, we will help your members—especially lower-income, energy-burdened households—save money on affordable clean energy projects that help your communities, create good jobs, grow the economy, and contribute to a healthier environment for all Americans at the lowest possible costs.  

    The time to act is now.  Reserve your space in this unprecedented opportunity, joining credit unions and CDFIs nationwide to ensure the GGRF’s success. Because individual grant sizes to each credit union are quite large, there is a limit to the number of community lenders that will receive grants.  We anticipate that less than 25% of the community lenders in the nation will receive grants. Therefore, we encourage you to respond now to reserve a spot in line early before all funding is allocated.

    There’s no real downside to signing up to indicate your interest. So, even if your credit union has only potential interest, please be sure to sign up today.